At IT Computers, we carry everything computers… We continually carry the latest and greatest computer components and parts. The following is by no means a comprehensive list, but just a highlight of our inventory:

Computer systems:

  • New and refurbished laptops in different sizes, brands including Apple laptops
  • New and refurbished desktops in different specs and brands

Computer Components:

  • Different capacities of hard drives (HDD) and Solid State drives (SSD) as well as M.2 drives for laptops and desktops
  • Small/portable, mid-sized and large cases for office, gaming, workstations and servers
  • Multiple generations & speeds of memory (RAM) for laptops and desktops
  • Basic, mid-range and high end gaming and server power supplies (PSU)
  • AMD and Intel-based motherboards for office, workstation and gaming
  • Low end, mid-range and high end AMD and Intel processors (CPU)
  • Internal and External Optical drives (blu-ray and DVD burners)
  • Basic, mid-range and high end gaming graphics cards (GPU).
  • Heat sinks air-cooled and water-cooled
  • Fans in different sizes


  • Windows
  • Antivirus
  • Office


  • Different-sized monitors ranging from basic to high end monitors


  • Switches in different densities, power injection capabilities and management levels
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi internal and external cards
  • Wired and wireless print servers
  • Routers for home and business
  • Powerline Ethernet adapters
  • Cable and DSL modems
  • Access points (Wi-Fi)
  • Bluetooth adapters
  • Wi-Fi extenders
  • PoE injectors


  • Video cables and adapters (VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port)
  • Ethernet cables in different categories and lengths
  • Different USB cables and adapters
  • USB and video extensions
  • Serial and parallel cables

Misc. parts:

  • Different internal cards (RAID, firewire, serial and parallel cards etc…)
  • Basic, high end and gaming keyboards and mice
  • External hard drives and USB drives
  • USB chargers, hubs and enclosures
  • Drive duplicators and adapters
  • Battery backup units (UPS)
  • Webcams and headsets
  • Laptop power adapters
  • Laptop cooling pads
  • Surge protectors
  • Drive enclosures
  • Video adapters
  • Thermal Paste
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Speakers
  • Air cans
  • KVMs